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The Story Of Petroleum (1923, DVD)


DVD Information

Genre: Documentary, Educational

Release Date: 1923

Producer: Bureau Of Mines

Production Company: History Archived

Original Production Company: Bureau Of Mines

Audio/Visual: Silent, Black & White

Number of Discs: 1

Run time: 25 minutes

Video Description: In this short silent film the Bureau of Mines describes the way oil was and in some way still is drilled and processed.

DVD Description: The DVD should play in almost any DVD player (standard or computer DVD player). The DVD will play in both NTSC and PAL players and is completely region free. The DVD will come in a plain DVD sleeve. Vintage films are not of the same quality as modern films, so you may notice some audio and video quality imperfections common to all films of this age (imperfections that do not exist in modern films).

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