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Zodiac Killer FBI Files


This is the actual 1,037 pages of FBI Files for the Zodiac Killer archived for easy access on a data CD and comes in a CD sleeve. The FBI says of these files:

The Zodiac Killer murdered five people and critically wounded two others in Northern California between December 1968 and October 1969. An individual who identified himself with the moniker claimed to be the murderer and frequently corresponded with newspapers in California, in some cases submitting enciphered messages with his letters that may contain some evidence of his identity.

The FBI did not have jurisdiction in the murder cases and did not directly investigate, but was enlisted by local law enforcement to perform forensic examinations—analysis of the codes, handwriting, and latent fingerprints—of the letters, envelopes, and cryptograms.

Documents here include requests for FBI assistance, results of FBI analysis, and tips from the public on the possible identity of the Zodiac Killer.

The case remains unsolved.

Some examples of the files are below (actual files are full size):

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