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Unusual Phenomena FBI Files - Complete Compilation!


This is a compilation of all of the Unusual Phenomena FBI Files archived for easy access on a data CD and comes in a CD sleeve. The files are:

    Animal/Cattle Mutilation - 128 pages
    Majestic 12 - 22 pages
    Project Blue Book - 12 pages
    Roswell - 1 pages
    Unidentified Flying Objects - 1,600 pages

The UFO FBI Files include interviews with people who reported seeing UFOs, especially United States military personnel. UFO sightings mentioned in these files range from Navy pilot's reporting a UFO over Myrtle Creek, Oregon, numerous witness sightings of an unidentified flying object over Philadelphia, and even outright hoaxes like a cardboard box that was painted silver to appear like a UFO.

The FBI says of the Animal/Cattle Mutilation FBI Files:

The material concerning the Animal Mutilation Project contains accounts of animal mutilations which were reported during the late 1970's. The FBI became involved when fifteen mutilations occurred in New Mexico. Various theories concerning the origins of the mutilations were explored by the FBI, including satanic cults, UFOs, pranksters, and natural predators. The investigation failed to identify any individuals responsible for the mutilations.

Some examples of the files are below (actual files are full size):

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