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Joseph Aiuppa FBI Files


Joseph Aiuppa FBI Files - 294 pages

This is the actual 294 pages of FBI Files for Joseph Aiuppa archived for easy access on a CD- ROM. The FBI says of these files:

Joseph Aiuppa was connected to the John Dillinger and Alvin Karpis gangs in the 1930's, and was a member of the Al Capone Mafia organization. He was associated with gambling and prostitution activities in Cicero, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Aiuppa was a partner in a company that built and distributed slot machines. He was convicted in 1960 for failing to register as a dealer in gambling devices and received a sentence of one year and a day. He owned and/or operated several lounges and clubs in the Cicero area. He was an avid hunter and was arrested in 1962 for having approximately 550 game birds in his possession on his return from a hunting trip to Kansas. The game bird limit was 24.

Some examples of the files are below (actual files are full size):

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