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Cyclopedia of Engineering (1920) - 9 Volume Set In PDF On A CD


Cyclopedia of Engineering (1920) - Nine Volume Set In PDF On A Data CD!

This data CD includes a general reference work on surveying, highway construction, railroad engineering, earthwork, steel construction, specifications, contracts, bridge engineering, masonry and reinforced concrete, municipal engineering, river and harbor improvements, irrigation engineering, cost analysis, etc.

Volume 1 - 455 pages

Volume 2 - 477 pages

Volume 3 - 417 pages

Volume 4 - 431 pages

Volume 5 - 439 pages

Volume 6 - 513 pages

Volume 7 - 456 pages

Volume 8 - 481 pages

Volume 9 - 531 pages

Some examples of the files are below (actual files are full size):

The PDF files come on a data CD to use on your computer (it will not play in a music-only CD player) and in a CD sleeve.

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