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Shaving Manual - Shaving Made Easy (1905) - 96 Pages On PDF


The PDF file comes on a data CD to use on your computer (it will not play in a music-only CD player) and in a CD sleeve.


I. The Shaving Outfit
II. The Razor
III. Care of the Razor
IV. The Safety Razor
V. The Hone
VI. How to Use the Hone
VII. The Strop
VIII. How to Strop the Razor
IX. The Brush
X. The Cup
XI. The Soap
XII. The Lather
XIII. Instructions to Beginners
XIV. The Right Way to Shave
XV. Care of the Face After Shaving
XVI. Irritation of the Skin - Its Cause and Prevention

Learn the art of shaving with a straight razor the right way. Get that barbershop shave at home every time when you learn the tried and true methods from this 1905 manual in PDF and complete with pictures.

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