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Soap And Candle Making Books On CD - 1,423 pages Total!


The PDF files come on a data CD to use on your computer (it will not play in a music-only CD player) and in a CD sleeve. This data CD includes the following books in PDF format:

1. Modern Soaps, Candles, and Glycerin: A practical manual of modern methods of utilization of fats and oils in the munufacture of soap and candles, and of the recovery of glycerin (1918) - 659 pages

2. The Soap-making Manual: A practical handbook on the raw materials, their manipulation, analysis and control in the modern soap plant (1922) - 264 pages

3. Soaps And Candles (1888) - 328 pages

4. The Handbook Of Soap Manufacture (1908) - 172 pages

Some examples of the files are below (actual files are full size):

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